We help businesses scale and thrive in the cloud

We help businesses scale and thrive in the cloud

Technology changes are hard to predict even when certain evolutions look certain. What’s more predictable is our team, a group of passionate individuals who are adaptable to change, with an innate love for the leading edge. The quality that will always prevail is our people.

At Oworx, every day is a fresh challenge. We live and breathe cloud technology, nurturing the industry’s leading talent so we can offer the highest level of specialist expertise. Our culture is what binds us; everyone can contribute; everyone’s voice matters. At Oworx, enjoying what we do is a serious business.

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What you can expect from us


We’re ever-evolving, innovative and not afraid to challenge the status quo. Using our experience and knowledge, we find new and better solutions for our customers.


Customers need us to be empathetic, fast, agile and flexible. By carefully listening, we understand them and their individual needs. We let them lead us so that we can help them transform and succeed.


We do what’s right, not what’s easy. Our people are proud, honest and open. We care about our customers, our world, our colleagues and the positive impact our business makes.


Our goal is to enjoy every day. We are excited by our work and open to embracing new challenges. Our passion and dedication shine through in everything we do.


We see the tremendous value of working together, with each other and with our customers. By generating a positive team-spirit, we get the best from everyone.


Oworx is solution agnostic, finding the right fit for each client, offering choice with sound advice. We support independence in our people, encouraging individuality.