Whether you’re operating on-premises or have some or all of your workloads in the cloud, we will assess your current environment in order to help determine the most effective and cost-efficient path forward.

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Planning a cloud migration?

If you’re largely operating on-premises and preparing to move to the cloud, our Cloud Readiness Assessment is the ideal first step. We work with you to understand why you want to migrate and create a clear business case to justify that requirement.

Our full infrastructure and application assessment includes:

  • Infrastructure scan. We scan your existing infrastructure to determine how it’s used and how effective it is, as well as determine current security levels and identify vulnerabilities.
  • Application mapping. Identifying and mapping interactions and relationships between applications and your infrastructure, giving clear visibility and an understanding of application health ahead of migration.
  • Pricing comparisons. Cost modelling scenarios to remove any surprises when moving to the cloud, comparing the cost between the various cloud providers and hybrid options to find the best solution for your business.
  • Social discovery. We gather crucial information from your teams, getting to know their thoughts and concerns regarding public cloud adoption in order to pinpoint areas of focus for your migration.
  • Migration recommendations. We explore multiple migration strategies with you based on the “6 Rs” – rehosting, re-platforming, repurchasing, refactoring, retiring or retaining.


Already have workloads in the cloud?

Our Cloud Health Check will tell you all you need to know about your existing environment, looking at the technology in use as well as the people and processes involved. We base our recommendations on cloud architecture best practice to show you how you can better leverage the cloud to benefit your business.

Our assessment of your existing estate includes:

  • Cost review. We look at how much your current environment is costing you and how you can adapt consumption or right-size your deployment to reduce your ongoing spend. We also compare prices across major cloud providers and ensure you’re making the most of available incentives and discount programmes, as well as identifying unused services that could be decommissioned.
  • Security compliance assessment. We identify how well equipped your business is to meet the requirements of crucial regulations like the GDPR, identifying gaps in coverage and potential weaknesses based on best practice recommendations.
  • Performance & availability assessment. We test the performance and availability of your cloud infrastructure and applications and suggest ways to improve their operation.
  • Well architected review. Measuring your estate against the latest architectural best practices for cloud infrastructure, we identify the optimal solution for your business across security, performance and resilience.


A simplified, cost-effective, cloud-agnostic approach

We believe in meeting your business needs using the right technology, not simply recommending our preferred solutions and platforms. By taking a cloud-agnostic approach, we can select the solutions that support your business goals and deliver the best possible outcomes.

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