Oworx are proud AWS Advanced Partner and AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner

Oworx are proud AWS Advanced Partner and AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner

Oworx, along with parent company SCC, work hand in hand with its customers to accelerate cloud transformation journeys on AWS. A member of the global community of partners leveraging AWS to build solutions and services, we follow AWS’ guiding principles as a customer-first business, helping companies to unlock innovation in the cloud, reduce costs and enhance security.

In addition to supporting our customers of all sizes to design, architect, build, migrate and manage their workloads and applications on AWS, our alignment with and understanding of the core AWS principles enables us to do more for our customers. We take them further, enabling them to benefit from the true power of AWS and its services in a way that’s tailored to the specific needs of their business.

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A customer-obsessed culture

Like AWS, Oworx doesn’t take a ‘set up and forget’ approach to customer engagements. We are dedicated to driving businesses forward in the cloud by fully understanding their unique needs and the challenges they face. This level of awareness enables us to recommend and implement the best possible solutions and services that make a genuine difference. We continuously innovate to optimise and enhance customer experiences and are always looking ahead for the next big thing to benefit businesses of all sizes across all sectors. Whether it’s managed services offerings that take the pressure off internal teams while optimising consumption or developing ideal environments where modern applications and workloads can flourish, our core focus is on the success of our customers.

What’s the benefit of a customer-centric approach?

  • Solutions and services designed to meet the unique needs of your business
  • A partnership-based approach that relieves internal resources of administrative burdens and improves operational efficiency
  • Faster, safer and more seamless migration focused on your business goals
  • The technical skills and guidance required to transform your organisation in the cloud


Optimised costs and performance

Our close ties with AWS enable you to achieve the best possible cost-efficiency for your cloud consumption. We know the AWS features and services that will help you achieve the best results in the cloud and can help you to adjust your environment accordingly. Recommending fine-tuning of your estate or consumption levels and highlighting new features, we not only help you better manage your costs but enable you to boost the performance of your workloads and applications. Our proactive and ongoing guidance, innovation and insight as an AWS partner enables you to make the most of your cloud investment, prepare for upcoming changes and overcome challenges while elevating your business to new heights.

Ongoing optimisation and advice enable your business to:

  • Define and leverage cloud consumption efficiencies
  • Ensure optimal cost and performance within your AWS environment
  • Discover innovative new features to enhance operations
  • Prepare for unforeseen challenges and adapt quickly to changing circumstances


Enhanced protection and compliance in the cloud

With breaches becoming all too common, not to mention costly, while data-related regulations regularly change, we harness the power of AWS to ensure your organisation remains compliant and your data and network are kept secure. Leveraging the ground-breaking security features and services within AWS, we ensure you can better visualise compliance risks and detect threats before they become a problem for your business. By assessing your environment’s compliance levels and understanding the regulations your business must adhere to, we help identify gaps in coverage and offer best practice recommendations. We seek out vulnerabilities and provide the tools and expertise to mitigate them.

In the AWS cloud, your business can:

  • Benefit from best-in-class security features and tools
  • Identify and overcome compliance challenges
  • Detect weaknesses and mitigate them quickly
  • More effectively protect data and networks against common cyber threats


Take control of procurement with an AWS Marketplace
unique to your business

As part of our commitment to helping customers to operate as efficiently, securely and cost-effectively as possible in the cloud, we deliver custom experiences using private catalogues of products from AWS Marketplace. Ensuring your users can only subscribe to AWS software that has been approved for use within your business, you can achieve peace of mind that only software that adheres to your company’s policies can be purchased. The procurement approval process can also be enhanced with a Private Marketplace, providing administrators with a consolidated view of product requests that can be integrated with existing approval and ticketing systems via APIs.

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Having professionals to lead us through the process of migrating our site to AWS was extremely helpful,” says Milcarz. “It was great to have someone onsite to show us how different settings and configurations could be used to optimise performance. In addition, receiving the AWS credits enabled us to test our solution in China before full implementation. That was something we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own.

Radek Milcarz,
Web Developer,
Heriot-Watt University

SCC offer at every stage to provide background and support to their customers interlocked with great technical knowledge to help validate requirements if needed by the end customer. They are strong proponents of the AWS solution set and are readily available to provide detailed overviews and technical understanding if required.

Angus McDonald,
Senior IT & Technology Category Sourcing Manager,
Post Office Ltd

Oworx has been invaluable in supporting the development of UVu from its earliest stage, taking over from the initial provider who, through no fault of its own, wasn’t the right fit for what we needed. We’re lucky to have very specialist expertise within the wider SCC group, and partnering with Oworx meant we could get access to leading cloud experts and a tangible solution that adds credibility to UVu as well as greater flexibility than other public cloud providers.

Craig Bragger,
Presales Technical Consultant,
SCC Document Services

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