What is it?

Single pane of glass view

The Oworx tooling service brings together best in class tooling and presents it in a single pane of glass view.

We provide a full tooling suite enabling Oworx and/or you to monitor and manage your cloud-based infrastructure services through a single online portal. The portal provides secure single sign-on credentials to access a comprehensive cloud management platform, Public Cloud portals and consoles, remote servers, and any Oworx incidents and changes.

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Key Benefits

Consolidate, evaluate, analyse, protect and optimise your cloud.

Consolidated Invoicing across your cloud vendor accounts.

Manage spend through smart dashboards and alerting.

A flexible charging model that moulds to your changing business requirements.

Benefit from the latest best in class tooling that the industry has to offer.


Key Features

Unified Cloud Management Platform.

Cost Management – Interactive reporting to give you control over your cloud costs.

Enhanced visibility – Evaluate your cloud infrastructure based on application, workload, environment and more to better understand resource utilisation.

Security Compliance – Use proactive governance policies to continuously monitor your cloud environment for vulnerabilities and security risks.

Governance – Govern the way your cloud environment is run through custom policies, that will automatically uncover risks before they become problems.

Ephemeral access to remote servers.

Free Access to enhanced AWS and Azure Support Packages.

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