What is it?

Assessing your infrastructure and applications

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment provides you with a full infrastructure and application assessment to give you a high level migration strategy for moving your applications to the cloud.

As part of the initial cloud readiness engagement we work with you to understand your motivations for moving to the cloud and help to formalise the business justification needed for moving to the Cloud.

We explore multiple migration strategies and cost modelling scenarios to remove the element of surprise when moving to the cloud, comparing the cost between the various cloud providers to ensure we are always identifying the best possible solution for you.

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Key Benefits

Impartial Migration Strategising to identify the right cloud for the right workload.

Using R-Lane Strategy to build migration plan.

Plan your own cloud journey. Assess, Optimise, Migrate or Assess, Lift and Shift, Optimise.

Advice and actions to move your applications to advanced Cloud capabilities such as PaaS, Application services and Containers.


Key Features

Support in creating Cloud Migration business plan.

High Level Migration strategy with R-Lane Profile for all applications.

Re-Host, Re-Platform, Replace, Retain, Retire, Refactor.

Application landscape view for all applications and their multiple deployments.

Insights into application DNA and suggestions to improve its operations on the Cloud.

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