By getting to know your business inside out, including what it does, how it works and its ambitions, we develop a strong foundation from which to plan your cloud journey.

A large part of the Discover phase involves setting technical discussion aside and focusing on the ‘what ifs’. In our experience, tying plans to specific technologies too soon can introduce limitations and other issues later on, which is why we look to identify your business challenges and opportunities first.

Getting to know your business also means we can cater for the intricacies of your organisation or industry that others might overlook or dismiss. We sweat the small things like office hours, when stock deliveries take place, sales periods and busy seasons so we can adapt our approach to avoid disruption and maximise impact.

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During the Discover phase, we’ll investigate:

Your business, its operations and ambitions

Existing challenges or opportunities you have identified

Your current technology, how it’s used and how effective it is

Issues with your current tools and processes

Nice to haves and other desired technology enhancements


Meet your Technical Account Manager

During the early stages of our engagement, you will be assigned a dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) who will act as your representative throughout the process. By understanding your organisation and the context of your project, the TAM will act as a champion for your business and ensure focus on your key requirements is maintained.

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Get help planning your migration

Access an hour of free consultancy from our highly experienced team to help us understand your requirements and identify how Oworx can support your business.

Let’s talk about…

  • Your business and technology challenges
  • Your strategy and desired outcomes
  • Building a business case or proof of concept
  • How we can secure support from Microsoft to drive your Azure consumption

…and anything else you need.

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