What is it?

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Our Event Hypercare service is a short-term dedicated support service aimed at supporting you with a named engineer to help you manage bursts of demand due to company driven initiatives.

During these times it is imperative that your infrastructure is both stable, secure and able to scale.

Our specialist architects will run an assessment on your cloud infrastructure prior to your ”Event” and highlight any changes or optimisations required to ensure the environment can cope with the additional demand.

During the event we provide direct VC access to your named technical engineer and live updates on application traffic. This is particularly useful during marketing campaigns to ensure customers are responding to the marketing materials being sent.

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Key Benefits

Cloud Certified Architects and engineers, with years of practical cloud experience.

Best Practice Knowledge, backed up by smart tooling to ensure high availability.

Instant support and incident response throughout highly visible events.


Key Features

Cloud Certified Architects and Engineers.

Multi-Cloud capable.

Dedicated Support focus throughout event.

Post event reporting.

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