What is it?

In-depth observation

Our Health Check is an in-depth observation of your existing public cloud environment and the people and process that surround that, focusing on assessing against well architected best practices and delivering recommendations around those.

The 5 main stages of the Health Check are:

1. Discovery and Technical Review: Initial assessment to produce an estimated level of effort then a targeted and sustained fact gathering period.

2. Stakeholder Interviews: Operational and Application insights gathered via focussed workshops and structured methods.

3. Review and Analysis: Expert analysis of the data collected around the technology, process and people of the customer.

4. Report: Deliver a report focussed on identifying highlights, weaknesses and gaps. Set out prioritised remediation steps.

5. Cost Optimisation & Security Governance: Report spend by cost centre, drive financial accountability against budgets and find ways to lower your cloud spend. Gain additional real time visibility into security misconfigurations with visual quantitative scores to highlight your organisations risk.

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Key Benefits

Regain control of your Public Cloud resources by analysing what you have and implementing much needed controls and governance.

Reduce risk and wastage by adopting best practices around your existing resources.

Save money and time by gaining knowledge into what you’re spending and an organised approach to future public cloud consumption.

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Key Features

Support in creating Cloud Migration business plan.

High Level Migration strategy with R-Lane Profile for all applications.

Re-Host, Re-Platform, Replace, Retain, Retire, Refactor.

Application landscape view for all applications and their multiple deployments.

Insights into application DNA and suggestions to improve its operations on the Cloud.

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