Having carried out a cloud readiness assessment or cloud health check on your current environment, we leverage the plans and reports created and work with application owners to determine the best approach, including which workloads to migrate, how to migrate them and when. Taking into consideration our understanding of your business and its needs, our technical architects and project and programme managers follow a comprehensive migration plan that ensures minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

With quality a key part of our company’s mission, we carry out robust quality checks as we progress, providing end-to-end migration services that include dynamically rearchitecting and redeploying each workload to improve performance and scalability.

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Specialist oversight with Hypercare

As with all significant and critical projects we undertake for our customers, our Hypercare transition period ensures dedicated experts are available to support you throughout the crucial stages of your migration. Consultants and other professionals are made ready and proactively engage with your migration, tracking the progress and identifying and rectifying potential issues before they become a problem. We provide Event Hypercare for a range of situations beyond migration, too, ensuring your infrastructure is stable, secure and scalable during spikes in demand such as sales events or new product launches.

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