Whether you want to migrate your legacy workloads to Azure ahead of moving to a cloud-native solution or intend to modernise those workloads in the cloud over time, Oworx can help.

AVS is the quickest and easiest way to migrate legacy workloads to Azure and save money in the process. However, rather than simply move your workloads from one location to another, we work with you to identify how using AVS can benefit your business. By understanding what you use the workloads for as well as your strategy and roadmap, we identify ways to add long-term value in addition to reducing costs. We can help to streamline and right-size your existing environment for further cost-efficiency in the cloud, modernise workloads for enhanced performance and outcomes and make them more cloud-native to future proof your operations and reduce reliance on legacy systems.

Cut costs and enhance operations with AVS:

  • Quickly migrate legacy workloads to Azure with AVS.
  • Reduce costs by running workloads in Azure while leverage existing skills and investments.
  • Benefit from cloud-based operation ahead of upgrading to a new SaaS solution.
  • Modernise legacy workloads in Azure to benefit from cloud-native features.

Save costs and enhance your workloads

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  • Your business and technology challenges
  • Your strategy and desired outcomes
  • Building a business case or proof of concept
  • How we can secure support from Microsoft to drive your Azure consumption

…and anything else you need.

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