Cut costs, reduce risk and achieve more with multi-cloud management

Cut costs, reduce risk and achieve more with multi-cloud management

You chose different cloud vendors to deliver business benefit. But now, the complexity and cost of managing multiple cloud platforms are producing the opposite effect. So, what if there was a single solution to manage the multiple ways your organisation operates in the cloud?

CloudHealth by VMware is the cloud management platform you and your finance, operations, security and compliance teams have been dreaming of.

With the help of Oworx and VMware, you can combine the financial management, optimisation and governance, security and compliance of all your cloud environments into a single platform that helps to drive your business forward. Discover more about VMware on Azure.

By managing AWS, Azure, Google and other cloud environments in one place, you can:

Reduce the ongoing cost of multi-cloud administration and make the most of your investments

Drive agility, innovation and time to market

Enhance organisation-wide collaboration

Simplify business decision making and optimise costs

Elevate security posture and compliance

Spend less time on admin and focus on more strategic activities


Make the most of multi-cloud operations

Identifying how well your company is utilising its infrastructure can become complex with multiple platforms in play. CloudHealth enables you to achieve full visibility of usage across all your environments so you can determine new ways to improve efficiency and benefit from cost savings. You can save time, too, with workload rightsizing recommendations and automated policies to govern provisioning, or simply let CloudHealth make the optimisation decisions for you.


Financial management made easy

Achieving visibility across clouds with CloudHealth means you can take a more proactive financial management approach. You can track the cloud costs generated by different departments and teams to support budget decisions and better forecast expenditure, as well as save time by quickly determining ways to reduce wasted spend based on detailed insight. With a more granular view of your cloud costs, CloudHealth enables you to align financial data with business outcomes for better goal setting and accountability. You can even alert teams regarding their cloud spend by integrating tools like Slack or JIRA.


Monitor and manage security across clouds

With industry best practice-based compliance policies as well as options for customisation to meet your specific business needs, CloudHealth provides real-time risk visibility on a multi-cloud basis. This enables you to quickly identify, prioritise and nullify threats that may previously have gone unnoticed. Integration with SIEM systems and ‘shift left’-friendly guardrails can also be deployed to further enhance your cloud and app development security posture.


Complete control over compliance

With a simple, single view, CloudHealth enables you to see compliance scores, monitor violations and track the progress of remediation. Real-time detection across all of your clouds means you can stay on top of issues and continuously improve compliance.

Take back control of the multi-cloud mess and transform the way your organisation operates with CloudHealth by VMware.

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